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Signature products handcrafted by women SHGs.

Bamboo crafts and Bamboo based livelihood support program are two major areas where Uravu has made large strides over the last 22 years. Uravu has trained and established 16 Self Help Groups in Bamboo, in effect converting Thrikeipetta into the first heritage village of bamboo in the state. 200 plus artisans- 90% of them are women- depend on this Bamboo based ecosystem as the primary source of their livelihood.

With an exclusive collection of more than 500 products, Uravu has a pioneering role in setting benchmarks in bamboo industry. Though little known to the outside world, Uravus women folk are trained and equipped to create wonders in bamboo – from Masks and Lampshades to Bamboo pens and Baskets, creativity of our artisans know no limits!

The Book of Spices

Uravu has given birth to more than 500 products over the last 22 years. Many of them are not in production at present but can be reproduced on request.